Shipping Pricelist and Payment Information, our Service.

The international minimum shipment charge is 1 cubic met're sea freight. If your shipment is lower as 1 C.B.M., the cargo company charge the price of the first, full C.B.M.!

The following Rates are include packing, document service, transport to port, customs clearance in Thailand and the sea freight to any main port, worldwide .

Destinations International Cargo Rate

charge in US $

Approximate days of


Middle East

1. st cbm.  17,500.- Baht

following cbm  11,000.- Baht

40 days
European Ports 1. st c.b.m.  15,500.- Baht

following cbm  8,500.- Baht

35 days
U.S.A. East And West 1. st c.b.m.   16,500.-

following cbm  9,500.-

40 days
Australia 1. st c.b.m.  14,500.-

following cbm  7,500.-

25 days
Japan Main Ports

1. st c.b.m.  7,500.-

following cbm   4,000.-

15 days

Insurance will be 3 % of declared value

Stand 16, 02, 2008

All prices are subject to changes without notice..

Payment and deposit information

 deposit for any catalogue orders are 30 %. By orders at customers special design, we need a deposit of 50 %. payments can made, according to your orders in the USA or to Thailand by direct or wire deposit to our bank accounts. We cannot accept any deposits to cancel or refund. Because after we receive customers payment's we start immediately to produce his orders or if the items have in stock, we packing and shipping the goods. It is not possible for us to stop any shipments after custom clearance and loading to the container ship.

Document and Insurance Service

The original shipping  documents for your orders, we send to you about 14 days after your merchandise leave from Bangkok . We send this documents by express mail service to your home or shipping address. The documents will arrival about two weeks before the ship arrival. The ship agency contact you and ask for above documents. Also she will offer you to send the items to your home.

If have any problems with the post service and the documents arrival to late ( to late mean, the cargo agency ask you for the documents and you don't receive it), please contact us via email, fax or phone immediately. 

If any problems same as damage or missing items, please contact the cargo agency, the insurance company or us immediately.

Phone: 662-2586268,662-2584879,662-2609569-70  Fax : 662-2612496  e-mail

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