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Catalog no. 516


 Rosewood Book Case.

 Size 14" X 38" X 78H." inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm.)

Price in plain design Thaibaht 45,000.- , Carved 49,000.- , Few M.O.P. 55,000.- , Full M.O.P. 60,000.-

Shipping volume. 1.5 cubic, shipping cost to US main ports, 26,000.-

Above shipping cost included packing, handling and sea freight.

* first cubic met shipping cost to main ports in the US = Thaibaht 16,500.- and any  following cubic met cost  Thaibaht 9,500.- only. Meaning, if you ship more items the same time, you save money. For the actual shipping cost, around the world, please ask us here


can made with your Master / Visa credit cards or with direct deposits to our bank accounts in Thailand.

Manufacturer & Shipping Time.

If the item is out of our stock, we need about 8 weeks to produce this items again. The approximate shipping time, to any main ports worldwide, 35 days.

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